Life Goes On

Yeah, I'm still kickin' and hangin' out in Hawaii. The "winter" weather is somethin' else out here in the islands, bout 80 in the day, mid 60's at night. If you're gonna be held against your will someplace, this ain't too bad. I was actually cold this mornin' at 61 degrees, a temperature I used to consider ideal. Think I'm going soft.

a little rain in the morning and evening
By the way, where the hell did 2011 go? That year will go down as a strange one for me and I could never have predicted the way things turned out. One year ago tomorrow, I quit my job and took off in my trusty ole Chevy truck and went camping all over America. After a few months of that I got this blog, mostly because family members wanted to keep track of my whereabouts. Seems like a real long time ago. Maybe I'll get back to bloggin one of these days, just ain't been feelin like "writing" lately. Sure do miss my hobo'n ways and I still have a glimmer of hope for some RVing in the near future... we'll see.

So here I is... gittin by on warm weather and raw fish. That's right, I eat that. Can't eat it too often though, it's expensive as hell. They got some interestin' food round here let me tell ya. Growin' up I ate just about every kinda critter there is, especially when grandma was still around. I swear that woman could make the gamiest piece of rank ass possum taste like a T-bone steak. Kind of. Anyway, this Hawaiian hillbilly will try anything once. So far my favorite new food is... octopus. You know, the arm part with all them little suction cups, surprisingly good stuff.

Not much else to report. Her is floatin round like a butterfly, happy as can be with all this sunny warm weather. Her memory still ain't what it was, but all in all, things are lookin' pretty good.

Alright then, just a quick update to let you know we're still alive. As we Hawaiians say, aloha and mahalo for stoppin' by.



Gotta Love Her

Well how ya doin' folks, where the hell y'all been lately? Oh wait, that's me who's been gone. Figure I owe everybody an explanation as to my recent dereliction of humor duty. It just took a while to decide on what to tell ya. Reckon it's best to just tell the truth, so here's the deal.

I don't like complaining unless it's for kiddin' around purposes. Don't have much to complain about anyway. Usually I'm the most happy go lucky feller I know, always have been. Things aint the way they used to be. You see, Her aint been the same since the brain aneurism. Everything on the blog about her being fine is just another one of my embellishments. Her short term memory is non existent, she asks the same questions 10 times a day. She cries a lot because ironically, she is fully aware that she can't remember anything. They don't know if it's a permanent situation or not, matter of fact, they don't seem to know much about aneurisms at all. Some folks recover completely, some don't.

Tried to get her to go back home, but she likes the doctors here better and since her medical plan seems to have no problem paying the bill, we aint leaving anytime soon. If ever. Her really likes Hawaii, she aint got no problem remembering it's cold in the winter back home. To her, hangin' out at the beach is the equivalent of going to heaven. She never did have kids and her folks are dead so she thinks living the rest of her life in warm Hawaii is a way better idea than camping in a trailer. I've explained it to her till I'm blue in the face, but she still refers to RVing as camping. This house I've been working on has an attached rental unit that we are more than welcome to live in permanently.

I don't really like Hawaii all that much. Oahu is the most crowded, traffic gridlocked, expensive place to live there is. Plus it's sunnier than hell all year long and ya know how I feel about that damn sun. Anyway, my retirement plan is diverting about 180 degrees from hers. I had envisioned mountains and deserts and driving all over America. I had her all talked into living the RV life before we quit working. She wasn't all that excited about it to begin with anyway, I had only got a 1 year commitment from her. Figured she'd come around once we got going, but now that plan aint looking too good. I had a feeling the RV dream wasn't too realistic after what's happened, I was just kind of in denial.

Hobo Road is meant for talkin' nonsense and having fun with that bumpy ride we call life. Never was too good at being serious about anything, until now anyway. I keep thinking things are gonna get back to normal and the silly writing will flow easily again. It just aint happening no matter how hard I try. Serious topics are way above my pay grade and I refuse to turn this blog into anything resembling seriousness.

Hope we aint come to the end of Hobo Road, but I don't know. For now, I'm gonna take a break from the bloggin world and see how it goes. Can't tell you how much I've appreciated y'all reading my blog and leaving all your nice comments. Really enjoyed em. Don't know a single one of you personally, but I consider every one of you my friend. Best wishes to all of you. Maybe one of these days, I'll see ya down the road.